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Burberry Brit Rhythm fragrance/cologne review

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  1. Vicente Ortiz Jr.

    Great review,I think Burberry Rhythm reminds me of armani code because of the tonka & Leather,but it still smells different enough.Performance was great on me,9-12hours with moderate projection,very aromatic,people can smell me.Its an okay fragrance,nothing special,when I'm getting tired of armani code I switch to B Rhythm.

  2. how are you supposed to trust buying fragrances online?

  3. I've compared this fragrance with other "good" fragrances that i own like Le male terrible, Bleu de Chanel, D&G light blue, Gucci Guilty, etc and i still think this is very very good, maybe it's not a revolutionary-new scent, but i think it's seductive and kind of dark, why do you think it doesn't deserve to be with the top fragrances?

  4. Beautyluxuree.com Perfume

    That is cool. Hope you can find this products in our site.

  5. Nice commentary. I really got a sense of what this fragrance is all about. Thanks 

  6. she loves the smell.. unfortunately she got this nigga not likin it lol

  7. Wow …she is beautiful. 

  8. Nice one – really enjoyed that review

  9. Another awesome vid. The two of you make a great fragrance review team. Keep it up!

  10. Lol! I'm honored to be quoted :) nice job 

  11. Entertaining video bro , i enjoyed it 

  12. Great review. You both hit this one out of the ball park! 

  13. Nice review. :-)

  14. Great video, Thanks ! So when will both of you review Sécrétions Magnifiques ? It's a rite of passage for reviewers in the fragrance community.

  15. Great great fragance review, I like how you team up when you do this, I can see you are having fun. That's what makes your reviews great to watch. As your subscriber, I want to ask youbif you guys can review Paco Rabanne One Million. Thanks :-)

  16. Yea im not a fan of the burberry fragrance line.  They fragrances are ok

  17. Love you guys!!! Thanks for the excellent vid

  18. GASP YOU US ED A BAD WORD…IM unsubscribing.lol I'm j/p awesome review bro…this one didn't do it for me either.hope all is well my friend & thanks for the take

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