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Britney Spears Perfume Review

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  1. I love ur accent

  2. i loooooove believe

  3. britneymusicsource

    They say when you find a scent that matches you and your persona, it doesn't last long to you but everyone else smells it like you jus

  4. I hate spicy scents, they just smell off to me.

  5. I love believe and I do own circus fantasy it's great I'm bad at describing but u can check out the notes for it online

  6. SamanthaVictoria661

    What? Believe is my Fav!! Its more mature. The others are a bit more teenagey for me. If u get what im saying. But besides that i still have every single one of her perfumes except cosmic radiance


  8. In sweden those perfumes are very expensive :(((

  9. My favorite fantasy is Circus Fantasy. It's so sweet and I love it. I got it in the US for like 10 dollars which made it even better. If you haven't tried it you definitely should!

  10. @glamorousbeauty01 hey! :)

  11. @nickyb2u Ooh, let me know what the hidden fantasy is like when you get that one – never tried it before! Thanks for watching! :)

  12. @yyyumbananas The pink original fantasy. I have a 1.7 oz bottle of midnight fantasy I have only had a week or so and its nice as of now the original pink one is still my favorite. I'm waiting to get hidden fantasy (the red bottle) in the mail. Im bidding on a bottle of in control curious on ebay hope i get it lol.

  13. @Kenzie509 Hey, I'm not sure where you live…? But in New Zealand I got it at a department store called Farmers :)

  14. @nickyb2u Which fantasy is your favorite? The pink or the blue? :) Would love to try circus as well, have smelled it in the store and it smells yummy! All of her perfumes are amazing.

  15. i have the set like you that came with circus fantasy and not midnight fantasy. fantasy is my favorite to me when i where it it smells like sugar cookies more than cupcake although i have sprayed it on a card and it does smell like cup cakes and like u said curious smells nice and fresh. to me its like a fresh laundry smell. i have a similar spray issue but it always sprays but sometime it comes out as more of a drib/spot spray and other time as a mist like it should

  16. @mjluver2000 oh right! The fantasy one? It DOES smell amazing! :)

  17. @yyyumbananas well i mean the pink one lol

  18. @StephenWhitesidex agreed! Thanks so much for watching =)

  19. @katyperrylover3000 I LOVE MIDNIGHT FANTASY just got a new bottle for my birthday! definitely worth saving up for. Thanks for watching!

  20. @mjluver2000 The blue one is definitely one of my favorites, have never seen the purple one though? Will have to look in to that! Thanks for watching

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