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Britney Spears Perfume Reaction

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  1. you do know Sia wrote this?

  2. Kireji Art Creations

    yo! where is ur pretty girls reaction? hahaha

  3. i love your reaction, so crazy lool, kisses for you.

  4. Alejandro Perez

    no mames ami tambien me gusta britney pero no te la jales y sacate el dedo

  5. LOL you guys who only listen to Mainstream shit have never heard Vocal Trance before… How About youtubing groups like: Oceanlab, Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert, Ferry Corsten, Lasgo, Arty, ATB, Fragma, 4 Strings, Myon & Shane 54, Darren Tate, Lost Witness, The Space Brothers, Markus Schulz, Jan Johnston – LIKE THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN… – IGNORE IF YOU ARE MAINSTREAM… !!!!!

  6. Its not the track, its the mixing, the mixing engineer who fixed teh sound of this track made it so well u get goseums even if u dont like the track :)) Respect to mixing engineer`s! who do the most Shitty work in the music industry.

  7. Fucking psycho

  8. i think the only English words you know are "oh", "my", "god", "Britney", and how to scream. seriously stop.

  9. I love Britney and Britney's song Perfume but if you listen to the song I would feel sorry for Britney stop screaming your hurting my ears!

  10. Jonathan Walters

    She's one of those friends you punch when their drunk!

  11. Fuck this world , i'm out of here .

  12. Quien le enseño a decir " Oh my god" ?

  13. Thank you for your video!

  14. What's up with you?? God….

  15. Why is she screaming? Why

  16. i love Britney but this girl is over acting and looks stupid! 

  17. i love Britney but this girl is over acting and looks stupid! 

  18. Lolz

  19. Do you give me permission to slap you?

  20. Why? 

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