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Britney Spears – Perfume Live in Las Vegas

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Curious by Britney Spears for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray, 1 Ounce

  • We tempt the senses with fragrant blooms of louisiana magnolia touched with golden anjou pear and dewy lotus flower
  • Exhilarating, bold, adventurous, young and fun
  • Do you dare
Nothing is more exhilarating than satisfying your curiosity. This fragrance celebrates those moments when you wonder, should I or shouldn't I? Curious by Britney spears asks do you dare?.

List Price: $ 32.50 Price: $ 6.90


  1. This matches the album, use Shazam

  2. Areliana Mejias Rodriguez

    2:39 playback detected xd

  3. Christian garcia rengifo

    ahí no a leguas se escucha la misma voz de la canción grabada en estudio lo único en vivo es la banda es puerto playback por Dios ahí que ser muy lento para no darse cuenta

  4. I wish she actually sang this song live. Her voice is amazing, and she has no reason to do a playback for this record.

  5. Not even singing

  6. PlayBackkk

  7. Any desires I had of seeing this show are now gone

  8. Pedro Junior Damaceno

    Não importa se é playback ou não, smp vou amá-la! Pois quando ela quer ela pisa mesmo <3

  9. I would never go to a Britney concert or look forward to seeing her live because she lip syncs

  10. Is playback

  11. Es una pena que que lo unico en vivo que hay en el video sea solo la presencia de britney playback

  12. Richard Leonardo Jaimes Sanchez

    lastima que lo haga en playback

  13. Virgilio Rene Gongora Echeverría

    Horrible lipsing And sorry but she looks like a Cow…..people pay for that???

  14. Love this song! Though she is lip syncing, clearly, she did a good job with covering it up because she put the Mic to her face at the right time, not to late or early, and she wasn't doing any vigorous movement that she knows will jerk her vocals. Walking won't necessarily do that. She is an ok singer, don't understand why she lipped it. :-/

  15. Lipsync as its finest

  16. live? lol

  17. So Boring 

  18. Solo playback :( es una pena


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