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Britney Spears Fragrance Collection!

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  1. Your adorable I love your perfume videos and your personality!

  2. wonderwoman49264

    Its been 4 years, please, PLEASE do a new BRITNEY FRAGRANCE COLLECTION VIDEO!!!!!

  3. Mila Кальваровська

    Could u plase write me if all of britneys perfumes contain Propyleneglycol or PEG?I ve just got circus fantasy and wanted midnight fanatasy as well but just wanna know if ther is that PEG we dont have these in Ukrain  i coan only order online but cannot read the ingredients they are on the box
    looking forward…

  4. Thank.you so much for sharing this video… mean a lot for me.. and I ..Britney fan.. and yess.. I still believe "Believe"…

  5. anonimo silencioso

    Mira liz

  6. awww so cute

  7. I love your reviews! You are so honest and funny. :) I'll subscribe! (by the way my sister is getting me Midnight Fantasy for my birthday, I really hope I'll like it)

  8. The spritzers on the curious bottles are rubbish,its a shame because they look so pretty

  9. Gabriela Rodríguez

    Thank you so much, I was like desperate trying to decide for one perfume to buy and I didn't know what to do. Now I know, xoxo.

  10. I love Hidden Fantasy! I knew I liked perfumes with a masculine touch XD.

  11. it miss one to you the special pink color bottle of curious which is so rareeeee lol

  12. Seriously +TheFragoholic ur like my long lost twin! 

  13. Júlia magalhães

    are you gay ? no metter … i have 2 fantasys (com voce) brincadeira .. because is good

  14. Believe is def in my top three I love how Unisex it is!

  15. I love Curious that will always be my fav! But Believe is very interesting to me. If you haven't you HAVE  to try Island Fantasy! 

  16. Your reviews are so great! And i love that you emphasize the aesthetic appeal of all these bottles, that you display it the way you do, and the way you display it in your hands. And I love the way you talk! Your videos really stand out. They are really fun to watch. Thank you.

  17. awesome video. You did not talk about fantasy island, what do you think about about it, have you tried it??

  18. Please please do a review on the two newest Fantasy Remix perfumes! :) 

  19. im from Brasil i watch your videos are the best,Britney is the best too

  20. +MsAnge3l because fuck you, that's why. 

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