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Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume Review

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  1. I really enjoy your reviews and your voice is lovely :)

  2. UPDATE: Island Fantasy

  3. Good on you for asking, what a great way to discover a new favourite. Fantasy is gorgeous.

  4. I literally stopped a lady in Target to ask what perfume she was wearing. Turns out it was Fantasy. My new favorite, after J-Lo Live

  5. I literly

  6. Hi Paul, I have tried Midnight Fantasy but don't own it – I want to get Fantasy Twist which has half Fantasy & half Midnight Fantasy (you probably already know that.) There is a link to my Facebook on my channel page.

  7. You should try MIDNIGHT FANTASY, HIDDEN FANTASY & CIRCUS FANTASY! They are so nice! 😀 …but anyway… did you own them (I'm not sure, that's why I ask you)
    And I like the way you speak… you are so pretty! Can I make friend with you on FACEBOOK???

  8. Hi Miss Sarah, I had to smell Fantasy again before I replied to your comment. I would rate Fantasy as very sweet but not extremely sweet. The sweetness might seem a bit much when you first spray it on but it is quickly balanced by all the other gorgeous smells in this perfume. I hope this helps.

  9. CelebrityPerfume

    Hi Rich, lucky the fruity part doesn't last long :)

  10. I love this perfume. Not a fan of the fruity opening, but the spicy white chocolate dry down is glorious.

  11. No I don't own it – YET! But I may get it in the future. Such neat/handy packaging!

  12. CelebrityPerfume

    I don't know how anyone could not like it – smells so good! Thanks for watching!!

  13. CelebrityPerfume

    Have you got Fantasy Twist? Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy in a cool new bottle – love it!

  14. I have this perfume and it's my FAVORITE perfume!!!! :)

  15. Love this! Have it and absolutely adore it. It is so sweet and I really notice the white chocolate and cupcake, LOVE IT. Great review! Also adore Midnight Fantasy!

  16. CelebrityPerfume

    It smells so good. I'd really like to get a bottle of Fantasy Twist – Fantasy & Midnight Fantasy. I love the new bottle design.

  17. I really like this perfume!! :)

  18. CelebrityPerfume

    Thanks for watching and leaving a comment, I appreciate it!!

    Katrina xx

  19. You are amazing. Tanks for use your time to make a video for us. kisses

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