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Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume Collection – Review

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  1. Fragrances Plus (SpiraArtOfficial)

    Britney's Fantasy perfumes are my favorite!! My favorite would have to be the original. Love your nails by the way :D

  2. one of the best perfume reviews I've seen. just one quick question, can you recommend the best online perfume store with the best deals? thank you.

  3. AlexRRed1989 T.S

    Circus fantasy 

  4. This video was super helpful!! Thanks :)

  5. I love how you don't muck around on your vids with the box etc like some people

  6. You're not only one who have britney spears perfume collection I have lots of her perfumes I love britney she's good!?

  7. My sister is actually buying me Midnight Fantasy for my birthday in a couple of days, so I really hope I'll like it! :) I love Britney Spears <3


  9. victoria cebotari

    Hi. I'm from Italy and Iove fantasy parfume. The only problm that I have is that in Italy there aren't anymore this parfumes, but only the normal fantasy 20ml. Can you help me found and buy them? Thanks a lot

  10. The melon scents and Citrus of Island Fantasy is so intoxicating. 

  11. My fav is Island Fantasy 

  12. U seem drunk no offence

  13. Could you possibly do an update and add Island Fantasy? That would be perfect!! 

  14. lychee is a fruit in asia that is pronounced lee chee. Lychee juice kinda tastes like arizona green tea. it is subtle but also very sweet

  15. awwww you so gorgeous!!!u seems down to earth person☺️☺️☺️

  16. I had the same thing with Circus fantasy! I diddnt like it at all in the bottle, it diddnt stand out for me. Then I put it on a few times and now I love it!

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