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Britney Spears – Britney Jean (Full Deluxe Album)

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  1. perfume and hold on are the bast! her natual voice!!

  2. Been a fan sense day one I'm sorry but this worst ablum you have ever had out only like work bitch never work work with Will.iam again please!

  3. This is Britney's worst album. The only good songs are "Alien" and "Brightest Morning Star."


    O povo só sabe reclamar esse álbum tbm é muito bom amo igual aos outros

  5. Britney Pants, Britney Skirts, Britney….. JEANS

  6. No kidding. But the songs in this CD is brilliant. I find myself listening as much time as I did for the past albums. Britney never fails to let me down.

  7. 1º Femme Fatale
    2º In the Zone
    3º Blackout
    4º Baby One More Time
    5º Circus
    6º Oops I Did It Again
    7º Britney
    8º Britney Jean

    789º Pretty Girls

  8. Es el álbum que menos me gusta de Britney pero me gustaría que volviera a sus sonidos anteriores y no electrónicos. Igual es mi artista favorita <3

  9. kkkk jeans???

  10. to me this album is really good, i can't understand why many of her fans don't like

  11. This album- the bomb !!! :) :)


  13. McKenna The CatDog Fan

    I'm a big fan of Britney but honestly this album is horrible. The only song I like is Hold On Tight. That's it. This album has way too much autotune and half of these songs gave me a headache. I'm very disappointed because this was supposed to be Britney's most personal album. I just hope her next album will be better than Flopney Jean.

  14. not nearly as good as her old albums!

  15. Jeans kkk Britney é sem dúvida a melhor das melhores !!!

  16. Britney's most boring album since In The Zone.

  17. Larissa Van Der Welle


  18. THX! Your list really helped me here! My fave Till it's gone..

  19. LOL jeans XD

  20. will.i.am just failed with the auto-tune, it's very out of trendy.

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