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Bright Crystal by Versace Perfume/Fragrance Review

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  1. how many oz is that one in the video?

  2. Great Review! i absolutely love this fragrance! i bought mine from http://www.lovepalette.net Free shipping with purchase!! Great fragrance for spring!

  3. yasss

  4. it smells sooooo goooooddd I loveee it. please dont tell me only high school and middle school girls should wear it. I'm 24 and i like it! 

  5. Only 3 hours???? No good??!

  6. i totally agree with him but i love this perfume 😀

  7. it's an illuminati perfume, i know sounds stupid how can a perfume be satanic, but it has the symbol on top of the crystal. -.-

  8. What the heck is Iced Accord? I find this scent cloying but I am not a fruity floral girl

  9. this guy lasts on my shirt for two days…

  10. i love this fragrance a lot! its soft and casual but it doesnt last long. I help people on a daily bases and they have a perfume similar to this but its a bit stronger and lasts longer. I ask them what it is. They say its a blue bottle…Great -_- someone help!

  11. Don't listen to him. I wear it all day long/in bed and it drives my boyfriend wild. I'm definitely not in high school either. It's a very flirty, feminine, sexy smell. To me, nothing like shampoo…

  12. DUDE

  13. I got a sample of this and I loved it! Then, I went to Ulta to spray it on myself to see if the scent lasts long, smells the same, etc. however, it was the worst smell ever! I don't know if the sample at Ulta was … bad (?) or if it always smells like celery ..

  14. Francis Avendano

    Love it!!

  15. But you ignored the thedaver8's question.

  16. Young girl in high school? No! I was planning to wear it in bed. What do I WEAR in bed? Anyone?

  17. I really love this perfume. 😀

  18. Love it

  19. @PAULA4181 Just use less of it. One spritz instead of two???

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