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Box 1, Skin Care~ FOTD, current Perfume!

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  1. ChoosingTreasure

    Haha girl, love the "house dress" and the full face of makeup! I do the SAME thing😊 I almost always have a full face on no matter what I'm doing. Doing my makeup is just so fun!

  2. Hi Natalie, I think you once said that you do your own nails, I always admire the way they look, if you can it would be good if you do a nails video, on how you care for them & how you do them, thankyou

  3. you're beautiful Natalie thanks for sharing. I'm dying to try that Estee lauder private collection perfume 😎👍 I'm just like you perfumes,makeup, bag's shoe's. don't really care if my clothes is name brand. but my makeup better be high end Lol

  4. Another great one,Natalie ☺ I enjoyed seeing all your skincare goodies!!!! I don't know much about different fragrances but have you ever smelled a perfume with tobacco in it? When I was in Saks in NYC I smelled a perfume called Back To Black and it was beautiful but expensive!!!!! Just wondering if you knew of maybe a cheaper alternative. It was a sweet smelling fragrance and you could smell a hint of tobacco. And……I've never used any kind of tobacco in my life,lol.But evidently I'm drawn to the scent.

  5. I really like the brown lipliner on you it looks nice!
    Having a comfortable house dress for hanging out at home is awesome. I have a few pairs of ratty capris like that & they're very comfortable!
    I have seen that Egyptian lotion at Costco too.
    I mixed two different perfumes today and felt very Natalie like. Ha! I like perfume, but I'm not a perfume junkie. I have like 3 or 4 ones I wear and then have samples and I am good. :)
    Do you ever let your hair just be natural curly? I bet it'd be pretty!!!

  6. Have you had any filler in your lips they look very voluptuous, gorgeous!And yes I am a perfume junkie

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