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Boss Orange Man by Hugo Boss fragrance/cologne review

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  • Design House: Hugo Boss
  • Fragrance Notes: metallic notes, grapefruit, pink pepper, galbanum, rhubarb
HUGO RED by Hugo Boss for MEN EDT SPRAY 6.7 OZ Launched by the design house of Hugo Boss in 2013, HUGO RED by Hugo Boss possesses a blend of metallic notes, grapefruit, pink pepper, galbanum, rhubarb

List Price: $ 95.00 Price: $ 56.00


  1. Chad I couldn't stop laughing she's painfully honest. I loved it. be blessed

  2. I purchased this one recently for the upcoming Fall season. I like it…it's not a great fragrance, but it's very pleasant and very inexpensive too. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Hugo Hoss fragrances…don't care for Bottled #6 which I find to be too sweet, synthetic and juvenile. Then again, I love CK One Shock…so wear what you love. Obviously, I prefer Orange Man over Bottled. C'est la vie!

    Anyway, for $20 I can't complain. :)

  3. Thanks for the vid.

  4. i have the silver ball bottle is that the same.

  5. Dude you really hate niche fragrances. 

  6. Bring her back , i enjoyed the vid

  7. Up Close Scent Personal

    Classy and Sassy. Yes, please bring her back :-D. 

  8. Tell it like it is, Nadine, love!

  9. I so enjoyed Nadine!! Do bring her back again. Hugo Boss is not a house I care much for so I haven't tried this one. I know…bad Lainer! So I will take the anti-snob oath here and now to open my nose and mind to The Boss! Thanks for a great review! 

  10. I love her honesty I hope she comes back, I want to see her opinion on some famous ones!

  11. Great vid guys!  As always, I enjoyed it :)

  12. Never give the person any information on a fragrance until after they review it. LOL It's more fun that way. Great video, Thanks !

  13. Combined a review with a first impression.  Nicely done.  Bring Nadine back.

  14. Yay I like Nadine!

  15. Great stuff guys. Love Nadine lol

  16. wow, Nadine is a tell-it-as-see-it kind of gal!  impressed!  get her to try a creed next, i can't wait for her to rip into it good :))))  

  17. is it <Hugos Boss Orange><Man> or <Hugo Boss><Orange Man>, ie a Hugo Boss Cologne for orange men?  :))))

  18. 'The niche shit' 

  19. Very nice video Chad. Bring her back for sure She is sincere without further ado.

    One year ago I received a sample of this when I purchased Acqua di Gio believe or not, but was Acqua di Gio Essenza.
    I tried 3 times, but whenever I used it I had a headache right away. I still have the sample and when I smell it I feel a very synthetic orange with incense.
    I hope others have better luck with this one.

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