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Boss In Motion Electric Edition by Hugo Boss Cologne Fragrance Review (2007)

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  1. could u do a review on the Black edition

  2. @TylerJordan69 totally forgot it actually .. shit

  3. I could see Mark and Steph arguing about fragrance smell like: Hey honey smell this frag. what do you get? I smell orange…hmm I smell something else like woodsy. …No Mark it's orange.

    Lol great review.

  4. I thought Mark was just dancing to the music with an imaginary ball then I saw the cologne bottle lol.

  5. Man, orange with tea notes, that sorta sounds like Bulgari Extreme. I dunno, last time I wore Bulgari Extreme, my nose smelled orange (at least citrus) top notes with a tea base (seems like a common place with a handful of Bulgari stuff).

  6. Can`t wait for your Top 5/10 video

  7. I believe that Boss in motion is better than Boss in Motion Eletric!

  8. could you review the original Boss In Motion?

  9. hit up some Serge Lutens Chergui

  10. I like that you seemed more personal with this one.

  11. Ya, this one and I have heard the Gucci II both don't last too long. Maybe the tea has something to do with it. Too bad, cause I really like a good tea smell. Gucci II is still on the top of my list to get as far as tea scents go. When you find one that lasts or is better..let me know, brother.

  12. ooh Earl Grey tea.. thats gotta be something great.

  13. Atmosphereification

    Marc, you should do a review of Hermès – Terre D'Hermés.

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