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Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss Fragrance\Cologne Review (1998)

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  1. Thank you for your effort .. great information.. very useful

  2. Hi marc 😀

  3. can you make a list of all your fragrances that you will give a perfect 10

  4. I think the formula changed a bit. I remember the scent being more intense and a bit heavier from this one bottle I tried in T.J. Maxx years ago and the packaging said Boss No. 6 Then a couple of years later I bought the 10th Anniversary bottle of what was then referred to as Boss Bottled and it seemed watered down to the the one I tried at T.J. Maxx under the name Boss No. 6. A recent trip to the mall where I tested Boss Bottled as confirms to me that the scent is in fact weaker nowadays and it's not how it used to be when the packaging said Boss No. 6. I think this fragrance used to be better but it had to be reformulated and now goes by Boss Bottled in the packaging. It's still a good fragrance but not as good or sexy as when this stuff was made under the original formula and name Boss No. 6. 

  5. Boss Bottled or YSL L'homme?

  6. Fragrancenet and Walgreens both say they fragrance came out in 2000, not 1998. What gives?

  7. I keep.hearing about this one so I ordered a bottle!

  8. Straight up a really cool sent I love it !

  9. Walked in CVS today and checked out the fragrances and, sure enuff, there set Boss Bottled. I bought it and brought it home and put a little on after I got out of the shower and I see why u like this so much! To me it smells like Chanel's Allure Homme with a little extra oomph! I love Allure Homme and its longevity does pretty well on me but the projection just lasts 2-3 hrs. The silliage and projection seems a lot better with Boss Bottled so I'm extremely happy! Once again, ur review helped me!

  10. The platinum one is a bit weaker.

  11. I own Ferrari Black and to me it smells exactly like Boss Bottled.. Have you ever smelled Ferrari Black… Are there differences in the dry down and or projection/longevity? I love the scent but to me there is no use in getting Boss Bottled unless it projects better or lasts longer.. Your thoughts please….love your vids by the way.

  12. would this be good for a 15 year old

  13. Time for Chanel blue and pure havane

  14. My collection is quite small I have – Paco rabanne 1 million & ultra violet , Versace Pour homme, Boss bottled, and Jean paul gautier le male.

  15. hey marc ionno which to get! should i go for gucci pour homme 2 or this?

  16. Pm me I have 3.3 only used once for sell. With receipt and box

  17. hey marc have you tried baldessarini ambre? i'd like to see you review this grown up version of boss bottled.

  18. yes, the Boss Bottled Limited edition is definitely watered down, the scent only lasts 2-4 hours beware!

  19. O great,and i just got a collector`s edition(silver bottle).and it`s watered down.should have watched this video before buying.Great video,thanks.

  20. can you do a review on Boucheron pour homme

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