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Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss fragrance / cologne review


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  1. Floris-Jan Meijer

    I love it! It is my favourit for years :D

  2. Good review,thanks.

  3. PROductive BEAST

    I am afraid that they will not produce it anymore. 

  4. PROductive BEAST

    What is the diffencre between cologne and perfume?

  5. i certainly get the top apple and plum notes however the main smell i get from it is a powdery vanilla-ish clean smell overall. very clean, i love wearing a lot of it during the summer and spring, however I do not consider it a top/classy fragrance such as Dior Homme Intense, Tom Ford Oud Wood, T.M. Pure Leather etc

  6. 3:39 Apples & Cinnamon.. Cinnamon apples.. if only u said it the other way around

  7. thanks for the review… I was using Boss by Hugo Boss until now I checked out lots of samples and the respective reviews to them on YouTube and decided that this was the best "next step" for me. All other fragrances, especially the acquatics seem really boring to me

  8. easily the best mens fragrance of all time

  9. Great review. I purchased this Fragrance yesterday; smells great!

  10. whats your thoughts on hugo boss red?

  11. Is there some kind of changes since 2012 in Boss Bottled ?? Someone told me that after 2012 this fragrance is different than since 2012 … Do you know that ? 

  12. Hey man love your vids! Can you do a review on fortnight cologne. Thank you.

  13. This guy saying exactly what robes08 saying what bad wagon

  14. If you are in Flagstaff, AZ or passing by try Ross as they sell Hugo Boss colognes for very, very good prices.and this includes Boss Bottled, Hugo Eau de Toilette and Hugo Dark Blue   

  15. Have u tried Scuderia Ferrari black signature?its a new fragrance if u have it can u please do a review on that?

  16. I don't have that fragrance.. can't help you out there

  17. i picked up boss bottled sport and was wondering how many sprays you recommend and where?

  18. very true. neither have I

  19. I've never had a chick or anyone else tell me that I smell "synthetic"

  20. can you review boss bottled night?

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