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Boss Bottled By Hugo Boss Cologne Fragrance Review (1998)

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  1. Do u even reply to your subscribers. ? We wud like to know the name of the song at the beginning……pls reply.

  2. thanks will try.

  3. You' re very charming.

  4. For winter try D&G Pour Homme and for summer try YSL L'Homme.

  5. do you still have one of those bottles & would like to send it to me? I'll pay for shipping! I'd love to have that in my collection

  6. Hahah do u work with parfumes? Imean u have so many-and why did u bought two of the same1one for backup?? Wtf crazy..

  7. Lacoste Essential!! Underrated fragrance big time!

  8. I wear this fragrance (love it,and have done for a number of years) and issey miyake l'eau d'issey ,they are my 2 favorites. Anyone got any recommendations for something new for me along these lines?

  9. french and the italians make the best fragrances. it does smell good but smells synthetic imo

  10. ichdichhasserwasser


  11. lol truth is i just couldn't stand the alchol opening that it has but does become very smooth once it settles. but still being made in UK doesn't help. and the popularity

  12. you have OCD issues? lol

  13. Really annoying scent, just like all other Hugo Boss's

  14. This is also one of my favorites

  15. I have Boss Bottled 500ml edition!!!! No joke. I was at a big Sale in Stuttgart, Germany, where it was invented!

  16. He made issey miyake to u forgot to say ,

  17. Thts so stupid wen people ask mark to giv them a bottle!! Wht a dumbassss //

  18. that one I have and its for sale. anyone interested? shoot me a pm

  19. Have you ever came across another cologne that smelt like this? like a flanker?

  20. @StevieItalia87 wow I missed that lol

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