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Boss Bottled #6 by Hugo Boss “STREET SCENTS” The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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Price: $ 11.20


  1. Congrats Al , that's the kind of street scents i liked !! bring him back

  2. Hollywood Scentstory

    Oratory factors lol????

  3. Hugo boss bottled #6 I can keep smelling it on me for a while.

  4. A cool dude. He seems to know a few things about fragrances.

  5. BleedingCrunkMonkeys

    bring wells back!

  6. Bring him back!

  7. Nice!! job Al

  8. that guy is very cool

  9. This guys Mike knows what he's talking about…that's pretty awesome; it would be nice to see him on here again

  10. 4:10 nice car man

  11. I really like #6, he's right it's very smooth! and it's a lovely manly smooth rather than a womanly smooth if i put that right. 😛 

  12. Articulate person. good vid!

  13. This guy knows his stuff. I prefer him over Benny any day I think he might just be in it for the free samples

  14. My opinion is Boss Bottled

  15. mike wells is the man!!

  16. Do you recommend Boss Bottled ot D&G Pour Homme for fall/winter for casual wear?

  17. Bring him back!

  18. Bring him back, he knows what he's talking about..!

  19. Bring him back

  20. theres only so much you can say about cologne. i can't believe you guys were able to talk about it for so long LOL i hope his wife didn't think he was getting some on the side with the new fragrances on him!!!

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