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Boots Library of Fragrance Review – Fresh Laundry Scent?!

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  1. I JUST wanted to order Pure Soap but if it smells like Old Spice, No thank you!

  2. I just watched this as i found them yesterday in boots i loved the baby poweder and i want to try play doh. You would love scentsy newborn nursery it knocks socks off yankees baby powder

  3. Hi, nice review , you remind me of JK Rowling… there's something about you. I don't know ,maybe that's a weird thing to say :)

  4. I'd love to know your favourite perfumes, you seem to have the same taste as me so if there is a video like this could you link it or film it! Thank you x

  5. I have fresh ginger and four leaf clover, they smell great together! Can't wait to get more of these.

  6. sex on the beach is referring to an alcoholic drink :)

  7. liked this video, i gave it a thumbs up, i actually watched it after i purchased the perfume but it was still very helpful, thank you

  8. i got 2 of theses, i got clean skin and peach. the peach one is my favourite, it literally smells like a peach, it is quite strong compared to clean skin.

  9. Hey Kaz, Donald is like Kevin, wherein he is very particular about perfumes in wear. Neither one of us like floral. Little tip for you when you are going to out to check out perfumes, body sprays or candles or anything like that. Bring a little container of coffee beans with you. In between smelling each scent, sniff your coffee beans and it will cleanse your nose and get it ready to smell the next scent. It definitely works. Just like eating a small piece of bread and a sip of water cleanses your palate for wine tasting. You get full effect of each scent. And you can smell scents all day. xoxoxox

  10. Very interesting Karen. Thanks.

  11. In the USA we have a similar Library of Fragrance called Demeter.  I checked and you can buy them at Walgreens.

  12. Hmmm, fresh laundry and musk could be smth for me too although we dont have Boots here, bummer. I agree with you about coconut scent. You do the best reviews, Karen, always on point and helpful, thank you.

  13. You should try the Clean perfumes, they are lovely. 

  14. I have the pleasure to work in boots and I love these perfumes. I spray a different one each day to see how they last throughout the day. The baby powder one is lovely but I see what you mean about it not being a true baby powder smell. The sex on the beach one smells good but a bit too sweet. The ginger bread one reminds me of Christmas. We haven't yet got the Christmas fragrances in but they sound good. I might get a couple for my mum for Christmas as they are on offer and I get discount 😉 lovely vid just like all your others :) xx 

  15. Yankee candle have a baby powder candle!

  16. Great video Karen ^_^ I recently bought the Pure Soap one – it really reminds me of JLo Glow. Think I might have another sniffing marathon and buy another soon! x

  17. Where were this boots stores? I've been into so many big stores in London and I can't find them. 

  18. Fab review i smelt a few of the sents but tney didnt appeal to me xxx

  19. I think this is a great idea to mix your own fragrance a real customizable fragrance. I also love the more manly scents I don't like flowery or fruity. Have you smelled the Tocca bullet proof?

  20. I have never heard of these. Such a great idea to mix and match. Thanks Karen xxx

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