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BODY BY BURBERRY Perfume ScentBird

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  1. Parbani Bhattacharjee

    This is just what I was looking for! Unfortunately, they don't have an option to ship to India :(

  2. Perfect for tossing in your purse 

  3. I like this it would save me some money I purchase many bottles of perfume I love but can't  travel with this would be perfect.TFS.

  4. I must check out Scentbird. I had not heard of it before. Thank you! ~Elizabeth

  5. Onesmartlady Jackson

    I love Scentbird" thanks for the recommendation I'll add to my queue

  6. That sounds like a wonderful subscription.  I've never heard of the Burberry Body.

  7. Hi beautiful,
    Yes, that is a lovely fragrance. Thanks for sharing!

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