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Bleu de Chanel EDT Fragrance/Cologne Review

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  1. dhancaringal caringal

    you lucky guy you!…same kind of compliments i get at work!

  2. panty droper right here

  3. I already have Armaf TAG HIM which smells very much similar to BDC EDT
    but I want to get 1 chanel fragrance right now & confused between
    BDC EDT, BDC EDP, Allure Homme sport, Allure Homme extreme

    please suggest
    & BDC EDT 150ml seems like generous size & I guess fakes are made of 100ml only?

  4. hey how many sprays do you use for BDC?

  5. how many sprays to get good projection ?

  6. Well you just made a life time subscriber out of me you really project knowledge and facts about what you're talking about I like that and I trust your word and this is the first Video ever watch by you and I be watching in the future 

  7. is it me or does this smell really musky after 8 hours?

  8. Cool man ! Review was very nice

  9. BdC is awesome stuff. Like you said it is a compliment getter.

  10. well said !!!!! II absolutely agree with your review/////Good work man….

  11. I have a sample of BDC

  12. it's a good fragrance. I get compliments when I wear it. At the same time, it just doesn't do anything for me…so I don't wear it very often.

  13. Bleu de Chanel is a great fragrance.  It's very nice and works about any time of year, and is a compliment getter. Thanks for the great review +FragBoy Stewie

  14. Great video man

  15. I am going to buy today.. Great review.

  16. A classic now, good work man!

  17. This cologne is good, but to mainstream.

  18. Great to see a very positive review for this oft bashed Chanel. I love it personally. Well done!

  19. My favorite fragrance. BY FAR my most complimented. And idk why but I get better projection with this than I do with a*men. Girls love this. It is the best head turner I own. My best compliment was a girl trying to smell me without me knowing while I was turned around and she actually fell out of her chair lmao

    The only problem I've had with this was the magnetic cap. One time I went to use it and when I took the cap off, the silver magnetic ring came with it. So no major problems but when that happened I was a little disappointed. 

  20. Hollywood Scentstory

    The edt is FAR superior to the edp imho. I mostly get an orangey vibe from this which goes into a lemon-insence type smell, which, for me, lasts 10 hrs every time. This is a compliment waiting to happen, and though it's "just" a designer frag, I always feel like a million $$$ anytime I wear it. Gorgeous bottle, lovely jus. 10/10 ~all things considered. 

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