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Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel | Fragrance Review

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  1. China's High End EDC

    The projection issue I kinda understand. Longevity not so much. I have read a lot that EDP"s in general when compared to their EDT counterparts dont push out as much but they last much longer. The fact that both categories suffer is puzzling. It is a shame too because I do actually like the EDP better especially in the top. To me it lacks the really really sharp grapefruit opening and on me it starts out like BDC edt after about 10 minutes when the other notes start balancing out. But seeing I have 5 ouncer of the original I will just occasionally enjoy my EDP samples.

  2. Christopher Dammen

    I have also noticed that depending on what kind of soaps you use in the shower will determine how long a scent lasts on your skin. If I use anything with any kind of moisturizer in it it absolutely kills the longevity for the most part. Try changing your soaps around and see if you get the same results.

  3. jose fernando amado garcia

    @dracdoc this bleu edp or the allure extreme?

  4. Hi I have a question and seeing that you have so much experience in the field of fragrances I thought you may be able to lend a helping hand… What are your thoughts on Chanel's aftershave? I like my bleu de chanel and platinum egoiste so much that I was thinking about buying the aftershave also. At the moment I use a high quality after shave from the Art of Shaving, do you think the chanel line of aftershaves will be made with the same quality?? Thanks for your time and I'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject. As I said before, I love the fragrances I have from the Chanel line so if I can pair them with a matching after shave that would be even better!! Thank you

  5. I went today to the deparment store with my decision to buy Bleu de Chanel,and then I found Allure Homme Edition Blanche,and I remembered  your review on this fragance and  i changed my mind and bought it, but it was  Eau de Parfum version and I think that is the only version available now,I hope mi decision was right,and this one be better than Bleu de Chanel

  6. i love the way you say parfum!

  7. I'm sorry to me the bleu de Chanel EDP stay's longer on me up to 15 hours straight on my skin and after when i take a shower it stayed on my shirt!!!!!!!

  8. not sure why you get only about 2 hours on performance on this one, i've been wearing it for about a week now and i get about 8 hours on an active day and about 10 to 12 on a more sedentary day

  9. tested EDT and EDP today… ended up buying the EDP. I think EDT was reformulated as the EDP lasted longer, and smells better too! Tested it with many girls and every single one prefers EDP! some even thought EDT dry down was "yucky"

  10. I think its all to do with your skin. Different fragrances last longer on different people. I have both the EDT and EDP and I find the EDP lasts significantly longer on my skin.

  11. Thanks for doing a comparison; almost everyone knows the original EdT; it's pretty iconic…debating buying the EdP…I am a collector but I don't particularly care for spending $90 on a boutique fragrance (unless it's a Tom Ford, in which case take my money lol), especially since I already have the EdT.  The one thing that always bugged me about BdC EdT is the opening…it's kind of pummeling in a way, very strong.  I'm afraid that the EdP would be even stronger in this regard but many say it's actually longer lasting without the overly loud opening.  Still can't make up my mind.

  12. use the one your girl bought you man. They are girls. We wear for them. I've asked girls on this they prefer the EDP version.

  13. I have to disagree with you in this one.. Just came from the mall with both sprayed on my wrists. After 2 hours the EDT has lost almost 40-50% compared to the EDF. I mean EDF have more aromatic oil percentage how can this be?  Thnx

  14. I'm noticing this with all the new edp fragrances they're not lasting the new dolce & Gabbana intenso it last about 1 hour on my skin which supposed to be edp the bleu de chanel edp last about 5 hour before becoming a skin scent I think fragrance designer are using the word edp to sell fragrance when they know it's regular strength

  15. Mosturize your skin and then put the cologne on I put on lotion then spray my cologne it last alot longer!

  16. Sergio Sergueevitch

    +dracdoc bought the edt version last week nd it did not last at all man so I returned it and got the edp version. Best decision I made , it lasts me over 24 hours and projects like a beast . Have they reformulated the edt??

  17. love the smell does not last your right on

  18. eau de toilette evaporates more than parfum..This answer your question

  19. Ouch! Just bought it and then I come across this review. I'm definitely returning it.

  20. hey is there a site or a place that you can trade fragrances? I recently got a 1.7oz bottle of Angel Men used it maybe 4 times total of about 8 sprays from the bottle. I cant stand it. Looking to trade it for Allure homme sport or YSL L'homme sport

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