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Bleu De Chanel by Chanel | The Goodsmellas Fragrance Review

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  1. Kutluhan Bayraktar

    I wonder about its longevity projection and sillage

  2. I just got a sample of Chanel Bleu today from Macys, and i knew it smelled IDENTICAL to something i had before, just couldnt put a finger on it…Finally after about 3 hours of randomly sniffing it, it hit me! The EDP version smells IDENTICAL to Black XS by PR, and i mean IDENTICAL once it settles. Same exact middle and base note, i get that same VERY STRONG extreme synthetic strawberry type note from it tht overpowers every other note in it. Not bad, but all this is is a much more expensive version of Black XS! EXACT!!!

  3. i love how you did this review i would like to see more like this.

  4. what with the guy who gave it a 5 ?

  5. blue due chanel it has 2 type eau de toilette last 6 hours it has sprite other one eau de perfume it last all day long more expensive

  6. Update. Now I really like this scent. Actually bought a bottle. I believe since it is really hot now in Texas the scent dry down on me is way better and different then when I was trying it in the winter. Thanks!

  7. This fragrance smelled amazing, im buying a bottle this month.  Totally unlike any other scent.

  8. Nicholas Jacobs (mgicdncer)

    Bleu de Chanel is not generic. It is the best for the money. You can spend $200 on something,like, Tom Ford, which doesn't project. What good is cologne if it doesn't project. Tom Ford can't be smelled unless someone's nose is pressed up against your skin. If someone is that close to me, I don't need the cologne.
    Bleu is the best value. It is not tacky and overpowering. It exudes confidence. It us simple and sophisticated, which is the trademark of Chanel. Your good smellers may want to go back to their Art Instatute. 

  9. Allure homme edition blanche and bleu de chanel are very alike scents, only difference to me is that Blanche has more citrus and more vanilla that's it, but very similar scents.

  10. do you prefer the Parfum or the Toilette version?

  11. My prom is on 24 June ,could you do a top ten for promsuits/suit fragrance 

  12. Abdelfattah Nassar

    Congrats for the logo

  13. Johannes Hjalmarsson

    What is the song in the beginning?

  14. This and edition blanche are my signature scents and just added alore sport all tens perfect tens bro!!

  15. I don't understand the hype of this at all. Never been impressed with any of Chanel's stuff. Maybe one day the Chanel house will grow on me. Love your reviews btw. Keep them coming doc.

  16. do you have a twitter?

  17. Igor kinda looks like vladimir putin

  18. how many sprays is recommended for the edt version?

  19. I'm a huge fan of Bleu de Chanel, but I wish the wood notes projected a bit better than a centimeter above my skin.  Can you recommend a better-projecting fragrance with a dominant sandalwood scent?

  20. Come on… this is a men's fragrance. Why did you not have any ladies smell it? Most guys wear fragrances for the ladies.

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