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Bleu De Chanel by Chanel “STREET SCENTS” The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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  1. Smells better my friend if u don't rub it in haha. Al must have been in a good mood, had to replay to see if i even cought an eye roll lol

  2. Ima check out Dior homme intense next woo I love bleu right now though. It is bland in a way but it has "something" that females like I don't get it but I don't care it works fellas!!!!!! Try a tester and come back at me lol

  3. Guys let me tell you! Okay so I'm just like you guys checking around trying to din what's the best smelling drag out there. You know one that would receive a lot if compliments. Ok so I bought bleu de chanel and pretty much wanted to see if it really would garner as much compliments from women as reviewers say it would and guess what. I bullshit you not! I put this on and walk out the door to talk to my friends. (College) BAM! Compliment I'm not joking.. Lol I'm so freaking happy I bought this.

  4. This smells like something an old man would wear, I'm too young for this stinky stuff!

  5. Jonathan Bartholomew

    His expression was "She rubbed it in…""

  6. Just bought some today woman do love this.

  7. u cant ghetto then this.. haha street scents with a ghetto chick

  8. why is it bad to rub it in?

  9. Damn christine. If shes feelin it..im sold

  10. i dont think chanel has a blue bottle…..

  11. so far blue de channel is my all time favorite. its got such a soft and warm, but strong scent. Its unlike anything i have ever smelled.

  12. This is a ladykiller. Women dont give a fuck if its "synthetic or generic"….


    she have alredy bought it before but she still looks several times for the name of the bottle

  14. Looks like she buys her fragances from avon

  15. She already owns it but would like 2 sprays at the end and still has to look at the bottle to name it lmfao.

  16. Why shouldn't you rub it in? :s

  17. Noooo, dont rub it in !!!!

  18. This smells awful, an old man scent.

  19. This smells awful..

  20. كرستين دى على السرير هى الى هتنيكنا D:

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