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Black Star By Avril Lavigne Perfume Review!

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  1. just to let all of you out there who bought Black star ! it would turned from pretty pink to light yellow after a year …. but on the other hand forbidden rose start same pretty purple  after years~~ 

  2. Personally i hated Black start, i bought it in gift box set~ other then pretty bottle the Plum smell nearly killed me and she lie~ i can`t smell Any Fuxkkking Dark chocolate at all , MY friends told me they thought it were a Old lady walk by after i apply black star and i think it`s way too strong but on the other hand i loved Forbidden rose!!! it`s so rich in rosy smell i can`t forget it ! but still M by mariah is my love~

  3. cHotomaTekutaSai

    you are so sweet. i love your reviews

  4. Good review

  5. you're my black star!

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