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Black Orchid by Tom Ford Perfume/Fragrance Review

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  1. Man this stuff smells excellent…… Very strong & last….. It's a unisex cologne

  2. I got a bottle few years ago! Says made in USA, now Got it again recently says made in Switzerland. Where is it really made? Or he got 2 bottling companies or what? Help!!!

  3. Fussball Meister

    This smells like Musc Ravageur!

  4. alexanderkenniethbam

    Does this smell like Yves saint laurent manifesto? 

  5. Syed Mehroz Nizami

    i love this fragrance but some time it gives me headache lol

  6. Hello. Just bought this and I agree, I love the dry down. Do you have any advice re: getting to dry down faster? 

  7. What do you mean when you say it gets watery ?

  8. That's nice to know.

  9. You review my favorite perfumes!
    Black Orchid is beautiful. I love mine after 2-3 hours xo

  10. Its so nice dirty earthfullness gourgeous fragrance Gourmand Floral Spice Ambre Musk Tuber 

  11. Worst perfume

  12. Too feminine for me…

  13. Love Black Orchid. Sometimes a bit too much incense for me in the drydown but overall excellent, deep, rich, sensual, yummy. More fem from the the gardenia, but unisex. I think a lot of men could wear this well.

  14. for men, i blow weed/hash/tobacco smoke into my fresh shirt and squeeze the smoke through it after spraying this fragrance on and it is the best smell for men i have experienced (i like smokey, spicy scents i.e. tom ford tobacco vanille (which i also do this to) and creed spice and wood (which i don't do this to)). very formal and sophisticated masculine scent. buckle up ladies.

  15. silverss onyoutube

    im going to blind buy this .

  16. I love the dry down!!!!

  17. Grey vetiver by Tom Ford

  18. I love it and wear it all the time, dnt care about time of day or season :)

  19. I love this perfume grate review and definitely agree with having that unisex aspect to it due to the muskiness !!!

  20. Excellent blend.

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