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Black Orchid by Tom Ford: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. You clearly dont like it.. you should not include your bias in a review. Youre horrible.

  2. Woah.. Was not expecting that 

  3. Wow! What a fucked up review, probably the most fucked up review I've ever heard, Thanks. 

  4. alexanderkenniethbam

    Does this smell like Yves saint laurent manifesto? 

  5. I like your hair without bangs…you look pretty.

  6. Katy can u reveiw for more jo Malone xx

  7. Ok, I was really hoping that you'd say you smelled pineapple. I say that to clients at work, and I just needed some justification, haha.

  8. This is the only perfume that has really captivated me other than Agonist-Black Amber. I really like these weird spicy, fruity and musky scents that when at rest are not cloying. Despite how strong and long wearing these two perfumes are, they don't irritate me which is very surprising because I cannot even stand to smell perfume on other people. . 

  9. Your videos are so funny!

  10. Si , capito!
    However, which of the Tom Ford private blends would attract you as a lady most on a Uomo .

  11. Love, Love the Neroli Portofino /TF purchased body lotion and eau de perfume and sadly disappointed  with the payoff or lack there of.  Not lasting at all!  

  12. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Hi Johnny, I've entirely missed summer by now, but I think this would be a tricky one to pull off in hot weather. But as you suggested, you can get away with it via a light application – like a spritz on the backs of knees/ small of back to "bury" it.

  13. PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH KATIE!!!! YOU ARE SOOOO HILARIOUS!! OMG I LOVE YOU!! can we be best friends?! thanks! :)

  14. Hello Katie, you think I can still pull this off in summer? It's not really a summer scent I know but I can't wait till winter..lol :) btw: I wear suit & tie everyday, obviously don't want to offend my colleagues but maybe applied lightly would still work? :)

  15. i keep getting whiffs of it from my leather jacket i sprayed it on. it actually smells really darn good. i kinda wanna buy it now.

  16. Katie Puckrik Smells

    You did the right thing by giving Black Orchid a test drive, JB. The first impression of a perfume never reveals the full story.

  17. I went to sephora to get a whiff because I read it was Michael jacksons favorite perfume and I wanted to know what he smelled like lol…i didn't like it but about an hour later the smell turned nicer and richer after mixing with my own body oils. I was like what smells good. now I want a bottle.

  18. i love this perfume.its smell vanille n cocoa. so luxury smell !

  19. I loooove this perfume it's amazingly sophisticated !

  20. man your good, you know your stuff and are the only one i watch about perfumes . i love hearing all your reviews .o darn this smells like a mans crotch !!o no!!! lol im still gonna try it hehe

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