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  1. you can't select "no perfume samples". it does ask your preference, and if you pick "I don't want perfume samples" it tells you it'll try not to send more than 6 per year. it does make it clear that you get at least 6 per year… unfortunately 😖

  2. Oh wow, I am a little jealous of that cute little SmashBox palette! 😀 I did not get tissue paper either, and I was going to use it for photos! LOL! Thanks for sharing your box! I am a new subscriber! You can see my box on my channel, if you get bored! ;)

  3. Good video! We got the same box design, you should check out my video! I'm new to your channel but can't wait to watch more😊 it's so weird you didn't get tissue paper I did in mine! You also got different products than me!

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