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Big Pony Collection #3 by Ralph Lauren Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Prince Mauhdi III

    my sister's (ex)boyfriend just left a huge box with her stuff from his apartment, out on the porch. I find a pretty full bottle of this Pony #3 cologne in there. Smells ok, a girl (my sis) picked it out for him, she apparently liked it, guess other girls will like it too. Finders keepers..
    but I would only spray synthetic type FRAGrances on clothes, not on skin. Blend natural essential oils for ultimate scent longevity and skin health.
    To be honest, none of these new scents can touch my Nautica (classic) cologne. Or even a cheap Walgreens Jovan Musk splash, with a few oils, compliments all day from guys and girls. Universal smell of clean.

  2. Wen u all say synthetic. What u mean

  3. Has anyone found a better version of this cologne? I love it but I would like a stronger more natural version. the longevity also really sucks on this one.

  4. haha he really likes it too and my dads 52 too. probably 52 yo's have a thing for Big Pony 3 really weird.

  5. Give it to him ! Don't worry ! I just went with my dad to buy a paire of fragrances for both of us, while we were searching I actually couldn't resist the 212 MEN that I adore, guess what he bought ? .. Big Pony n.3 😀
    (P.S : I'm 19 my dad is 52)

  6. Well I had no idea about the NO. 3 being for high school guys. I bought it for my dad and havent gifted it yet. Im kinda not sure what to do…

  7. seriously asking, are you gay? it seems like most of the cologne review guys on youtube are gay

  8. that 1 is 2.5 oz

  9. got this as a gift from my sister whos a manager a Perfumania and its all i wear, love it

  10. it lasts 12 hours if you have really good skin…i got 12 hours out of it (show off =)

  11. Any suggestion for something that smells similar to this one or Fierce? Something a little more classy maybe?

  12. this one or #4?

  13. Number 3 was my favorite as well of the 4 that I smelt at the Polo store. This one also didn't give me a reaction to my skin. One of the other Polo colognes did react to my skin previously but it might have mixed with another cologne I was wearing.

  14. what size bottle is this im trying to buy some but i dont know what size to get

  15. TheCologneReview

    @cformosa4 Anytime! I love to help the community, especially the originator!

  16. @TheCologneReview Thanks so much! I use iMovie. BTW! Thank you soooo much for tweeting my video! 😀

  17. @mgellie1 very rarely yes LOL

  18. TheCologneReview

    Love your entrances, and reviews in general. What software do you use to edit/create your videos?

  19. so it's safe to say you will wear this sometimes LOL

  20. Digging the Green Polo!

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