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Beyonce Rise-Perfume Review

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  1. Alison Wonderland

    Great videos! I just bought my first gift set of my small budding perfume collection, and it was RISE! The body lotion is amazing too, so rich with the fragrance and glitter. Have you heard of Britney Spears new Rocker Femme Fantasy? (I'm sure you have, lol)  it was just released first in Brazil then its supposed to be released to the rest of the world over Christmas. The bottle is GORGEOUS…like a punk rock spin on Fantasy! Please let me know if you happen to be getting it as I know you get perfumes early and plan on reviewing ^_^ P.S, Happy Christmas as we say in London, super jealous of your collection! 

  2. The bottle is inspired by a torch.

  3. It smells very similar to Michael Kors sexy amber,

    Rise is not fruity or sweet rather musky and woody – green, very different from previous releases…. I can see her male fans enjoying this also… It has a musky amber note which is what you might be smelling..

    I smelled it in the store and Instantly got reminded of Michael Kors Sexy Amber… Which the musky note can be a bit off putting if over sprayed 

  4. My son says this smells like Mr Bubbles with a splash of Courvoisier  … lol

  5. So it's really good?

  6. Wow…Excellent Review…Never saw a Review for Perfumes…Definitely have your own little niche!!!

  7. Fantastic review! Call me crazy, but Rise kind of reminded me of her Pulse. I don't know why, but it really does. I love Pulse, so I love Rise. Haha. Kohls.com has a tiny pic of what could be the ad. It's a close-up shot of her. Can't wait for the new Britney's to be reviewed, as you really do get EVERYTHING first. SO jealous by the way. Haha! : )

  8. I think your the first on YouTube but some other person did it on Fragrantica. Great review by the way

  9. Love it u're the first ever to do it, i'm glad i have u in my  youtube subscribe, 
    and can u do the first ever too to do a perfume review of a new Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix and Fantasy The Nice Remix, pleaseee 
    love u broo :)

  10. You buy the car or I look for tank you ?

  11. wow….how come?!!

  12. You are the first :)

  13. P.S, if anyone is looking for this they have it at Kohls stores and it's on their website

  14. Yaris Cotto- Quinones

    i didnt even knew she made a new one

  15. FIRST VIEW and you just posted this 5 minutes ago!

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