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Beyonce Pulse NYC – 2013 Perfume Review

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  1. You is very, very sexy!!! Thanks!!! A Hug!!!

  2. i love u :(

  3. Of course, we love Bey :)

  4. Beyonce's perfumes are really good I think, especially the pulses and Heat. Christina's do very well in Europe I heard, hers are very nice too, I really like Red Sin and By Night.

  5. actually i work in a perfume department here in Germany and to tell the truth we have this perfume but the bestsellers we have are all from Christina Aguilera line :) Beyonce's line isn't popular here, we have full shelves of it but really rarely people buy it, even when it's on a sale:)

  6. Yayyyy for sexy monster Nick! So Happy you're showing Bey some love!

  7. You'd better get it 😉 its worth it! haha

  8. I did get a new camera gorl :) and I invested in a professional editing suite :) That elle outtake slays me, the entire shoot is flawless!

  9. Thank you so much for your message! That would be awesome! Its always good to hear others who are inspiring! My next gaga collection video is coming in the next two days :) and I will be doing the FAME fragrance collection :)

  10. I am uploading that in the next two days :)

  11. Great video! Also when will you be doing The Fame monster singles?

  12. OMG I love you nick and I love your perfume reviews. I can't wait to try pulse NYC but I live I live in the states and its not out yet and your arms 😉

  13. i love your videos Nick!!! i hope to one day meet you at the next gaga show in the UK :) you seem really lovely!! and you videos are always very informative and have great info, although i know alot of the things you say i still love watching you talk about them and your outtake on different things!! i hope you upload the rest of your gaga collection, maybe a fame perfume collection if you have one?

  14. LivingTheGagaLife

    Great Video! very informative gotta be repping honey B haha, i noticed your videos got higher quality, did you get a new camera? also love the new backdrop at the end of you videos, love that elle outtake :)

  15. Love the review! And you! 3

  16. It doesn't matter, haters are gonna hate.

  17. What kind of morons are 'thumbs downing' this video? -_-

  18. Awesome video once again! – Definitely thinking of getting this! Loving all the new designs too :) <3 x

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