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Beyonce Heat Perfume Review

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  1. Great video. We subscribed. Subscribe back?ï»ż

  2. CelebrityPerfume

    I love hearing about your new perfume – thanks for letting me know. Pulse NYC is smells so nice but I love the original Pulse bottle so much – I don't like the colour scheme of the other pulse bottles as much.

  3. Princess Brittany

    I just got my fist BeyoncĂ© fragrance a few days ago.. the Pulse NYC and I Love it! It's amazing and lasts on my skin about 8hrs! Smelled the original Pulse don't care for it as much. My next BeyoncĂ© purchase will be this one! You're the best 😉

  4. CelebrityPerfume

    Thanks for watching!!

  5. I love it

  6. CelebrityPerfume

    Pulse smells so good. I think I prefer it to Heat as well.

  7. I love this perfume but it's a bit to strong on my skin. I think Beyoncé is perfet to create perfumes, I particulary love Pulse, my favourite one !

  8. CelebrityPerfume

    Looking forward to it! Hope you like it.

  9. going to buy it next week will let u know

  10. Let me know what you think when you try it!

  11. great review, live in a warm climate so guess this is a good choice then

  12. josie tully-green

    thankyou :)

  13. Hi Josie, I've got the large 100ml/3.4oz bottle. Its also available in 50ml, 30ml and 15 ml.

  14. josie tully-green

    how big is the bottle?

  15. CelebrityPerfume

    That's pretty much how I feel about it. Some days it works really well and others not so much. Thanks for watching!

  16. I feel like with this one, one day i'll absolutely love it and be kind of addicted to the smell and then another day i'll whiff it out of the bottle and it'll turn my stomach it's odd but worth it for the days I love it!!

  17. CelebrityPerfume

    It can be very sweet but I find if I wear it on hot days the warm base notes come out a lot more and I like it better. Try it in summer!

  18. I thought I would like this perfume with all of the warm base notes, but I found it to be way too sweet. It smelled like red cool aid and cigarettes on me.

  19. CelebrityPerfume

    Thanks for watching!

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