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  1. can't get these fragrances where I live 😭😭😭

  2. Haleigh Williamson

    Who's your favorite 😉

  3. how much did you pay for this set?

  4. cool I've not been able to find this perfume

  5. i cant find the same box with the roller-ball perfume in it

  6. I heard victorious

  7. The gift box was seriously $60?! I though it would be close to $80!

  8. I can see how excited you are. wow i'm really happy for you. I also have you and i fragrance. but i dont have it yet. its with my dad there in russia. he will give it to me as soon as he comes home. yehey.

  9. Ивана Танева

    What's the show on the background

  10. Your polaroid wall😍😍😍

  11. i live in California too
    I know how you feel about the hotness

  12. from where did u ordered it

  13. is that the gift set ?

  14. I can't wait to get the Between Us Gift setX)

  15. where did u get it at

  16. where did you get the UK flag? I've been trying to find one.

  17. I have the perfume and it's so beautiful and so gorgeous I love it!!! I definitely recommend it to 1D fans and to those people who love gorgeous fresh scents !!

  18. So happy for you that you got this! I know I won't be able to get this yet but thank you for explaining about it and showing us! I really appreciate it 💕

  19. loved ur reaction haha i was so excited for u,,, sadly i cant get the perfume :'(

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