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Bethany’s Top 9 Bloopers + Bethany Mota Perfume Commercial

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  1. can you please make a video of how you edit your videos? I love you, you are amazing and soo pretty. thanks love you

  2. what's the name of the sound effect that she's using for bloopies?

  3. What's the song at 1:03 ??? 

  4. I love her Perfume and if you have something mean to say say it on a different Channels

  5. YASS 

  6. Bethany I love her like crazy she's always my true INSPIRATION
    AND THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE SHE DUFFRENT from any celebrity from meh 

  7. Is there realy beth perfume

  8. I love her✨😏😇😎

  9. "You Smell"""Why" <3><3

  10. I miss the old Beth. She's changed, and not in a good way. I unsubscribed from her.

  11. Want the fragrance, frozen doll and Leo! Xx

  12. what song is at the beginning everyone always uses? I can't seem to find it anywhere haha pls reply thanksss xx

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