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Bethany Mota perfume Review + VIP EVENT

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  1. I'm allergic to perfume and fragrance ?

  2. For some reason They didnt give me a necklace or a card that you can win a day with her i got mad

  3. My didn't come with the necklace?? but I still love the collection and I got it today ??????

  4. Loved the review! you're amazing.

  5. I did not get the necklace?

  6. btw the xoxo,beth part is suppose to be on the front 

  7. Katsbeautyle Wanna trade for stuff u make and stuff like im having huge sale!

  8. i lov beth she is amazin yay

  9. Lucky they didn't have any necklaces there :(

  10. donia kaseb (Doniaslife)

    Oh what edit app are u using 

  11. Maybe backpack from fer line?:))

  12. I have the same bedding!XD

  13. This video was amazing you did a great job! and I love Bethany mota alot!

  14. You did awesome 😉 I will subscribe and tell all my subscribers too ;-)

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