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Bethany Mota Perfume Review + Giveaway (CLOSED)

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  1. PineapplesAreKewl 187

    Lol i bought it from aeropostale and i was dying over it??it smells really good

  2. eeyorebita videostar

    Girl you're so cuteeee

  3. Thank you this was really helpfull?

  4. Samantha Banuelos Gamma

    Soo sorry i cant fallow you or bethany because i cant have a instagram ):

  5. Samantha Banuelos Gamma

    I love your style m♡ta

  6. beautyrandomness Reya

    Do you wanna make a collab video

  7. What camera do u use? :)

  8. What I love about bethany is that she is so loyal and indpiring

  9. I love everything about bethany mota 

  10. I love Bethany 's loving heart, her ottd s and her diys 

  11. Is it still open?

  12. Kenna the art gammer

    I just but it today in New York City aaaaaa 

  13. i love bethany's personality 

  14. She is so amazing and adorable :):) hope to win :):)

  15. Mine was $28
    And I didn't get a necklace 

  16. caroline provenzano

    She is really pretty 

  17. Motavator Forever

    My favourite thing about her is that she's so funny 

  18. hey who won the giveaway!!

  19. I love how Bethany shows how much she loves her motavators and also how she connects with us during her meet ups it is like we have known her since like forever and she also has amazing fashion sense. I REALLY HOPE I WIN

  20. mariam merchant (shimmeringlove09)

    she lover her fans to the moon and back and she definetley loves u to that's my fav thing

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