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Best Perfumes for Women

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  1. In this list you forget ALIEN by Thierry Mugler, the best fragrance in the world ! :)

  2. jeremy, can you make a video about how you clean your own atomiser

  3. Hi Jeremy I am a freak about perfumes for women, but lately I can't find the one, which the people tell you this is you!! I had had lots of fragrances but only one or two at the same time, from these ones you review, I have used Blue from Dolce & Gabbana the best for summer as you said, and Armani Code, is nice but nobody ever said anything (for me this is the proof), I run to smell tresor nuit, and it didn't convince me :( I got compliments with tresor midnight rose. My best off all is Eau Tendre Chanel, have you smelled it? But even with this I get tired :( and I have the feeling they change the notes, the other number one in my list is (was, because it changed too) Miss Dior Cheri Christian Dior, a sweet fragance, long lasting, elegant, feminine, ideal for fall or winter. From armani I prefer Armani mania because smell like naf naf an elevator fragance, cause its only lasting while you are in a elevator. But not always what one like, the others like too.

  4. I went out and tried La Nuit Tresor after I saw this… It really is sexy!!

  5. his expressions hahahah

  6. Does Lancôme La Nuit Tresor smell similar to any other perfumes? Thinking of buying a bottle online & have no idea what it smells like. But this video has made me want to buy it!

  7. pls,recommend me a women fragnance for 25 year old lady,for summer, night or day… thanks

  8. At first i thought you was going to pulled out Jivago 24k for your number one fragrance. Yeah i didn't hear about Ylang.

  9. I use 3/5 of them

  10. Amaliyah Amaliyah

    i have the viva la juicy and it doesnt get me a response from my lord. he likes mysterious fragrances: sandalwood, oud, etc.

  11. This was such a good review! Thank you Jeremy!

  12. what do you think about Burbery Touch??? It's my fav and i wear it every day about 3 years now……
    P.S. i trust you and your nose

  13. Did you try Thierry Mugler's Angel or Alien, Dior's Hypnotic Poison, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle etc?
    I'm sorry but to me Light blue is just a lemonade scent…

  14. Really nice video Jeremy! I go crazy for the Bottega Veneta for women..(what you think?)and I also like the Juicy Gold ;)

  15. Sad you haven't chose anything from niche…lol…Ode perfume.   yes…Lancôme is my mom fav ..so I respect it…its well composed..but not for todays day…there is tons of niche ..I could say…its sexy….Viva la juicy…yes….that's it

  16. I never expected to see this as number one… I actually recently tried it at an airport! And it is truly amazing, I think I will get this for my girlfriend some day

  17. yous knows ladies parfums lol too funny

  18. Boistrous Boys Bulge

    hell yeah for women cause you know em so well

  19. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    You make me feel nervous- how handsome you are! My goodness… Keep up the good work Jeremy I love your face, your passion, your truth, your videos are enjoyable to watch. My goodness. I need a glass of ice. Stop by sometime.

    Dip your nose into that thing….????My Goooooooooooooooooooooood!

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