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    Chanel: Chance
    Gorgio Armani: Si
    Dolce And Gabanna: The one

  2. Damn, she was a tren, i wanna a review from a real woman.

  3. Gigi u must try Christian Dior Addict…U will love that perfume.Thrust me :)

  4. i'm quit sure with you about manifesto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it smells so luxurious !!!!!! wow you have to have it  !!! ALL

  5. Jessica Simpson – Fancy Love. It's just SO GOOD, the best summer smell ever.

  6. The Perfume Podium

    Manifesto is a grown ups perfume. I have to say your taste have changed over the years :-)

  7. My fav is Moshino I love love;)

  8. Wow. You're really connected with brands and companies now. I got emails recently from too faced and fragrance net with you on it. Congrats!

  9. Is he male or female? 

  10. sleeeeezyyyyyyyy

  11. are you transgender? I'm not hating you're very beautiful either way its just your facial structure is very strong

  12. I've been using Coco Mademoiselle Chanel for over 6 years, it's amazing and definitely my favorite. You should pick it up!

  13. R u tranvestit?

  14. Gigi; if you still kind of like Juicy yet are in need of a grown up/sexy version, try Cacharel's Amor Amor. Juicy had ripped the formula from that one and made it cheaper to create Viva. Amor Amor is practically the same thing but smells decidedly more expensive and sexy.

  15. Hypnotic poison by dior and very irresistible by givenchy

  16. u should try patti labelle's

  17. Gigi you need to try Valentina Pink by Valentino 

  18. Pink sugar and the juicy couture u showed and I like Marc Jacobs daisy u should try those out

  19. Organza by Givenchy….loveeeee ittttt!!!!!!!!!

  20. Love me by Victoria secret

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