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Best Of: Jo Malone

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  1. Hi Claudia, new subbie here. Many thanks for sharing your Jo Malone's collection. I love red roses, white jasmine and mint and nectarine and honey blossom fragrances. I will definitely buy the lime basil and mandarin candle to try. Thanks again.

  2. what fragrance to buy for my wife (married less than a month ago) from Jo Malone. We both are 29

  3. Random Rainbow Stuff

    Did you try any other perfume from jo malone other than the ones you mentioned?

  4. Love that blouse Hun! Iv just subbed! I would love it if you would check out my channel 2 :) x

  5. omg absolutely adore your top!!

  6. Random Rainbow Stuff

    The laura mercier perfume is called creme de pistache I think.
    Isn't the large candle more than a $1000? I was on the website a few months ago and I remember something was really expensive and I was laughing it's crazy.

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