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Best Fragrances chosen by a Girl

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  1. She's hot

  2. Wow, finaly some girl who looks smart and have some good coments on frags. Cool video man :)

  3. She adorable. Her whole face and her eyes light up when she smiles. Great comments too. Great job

  4. Esteban Montelongo

    She ugly.

  5. Great video but I think the comments you made before handing her the test strip (unintentionally effected her option)

  6. Hi could you review some Montale fragrances if you get the chance thanks.

  7. I think she is the best girl reviewer of male scents I've seen . I wonder how what her age is . Hmmm

  8. I looooove Dior Homme. I bought it for myself. Lol. Terre d'Hermes is far from generic!

  9. old monkeyKing Enma

    Good video dude. Daniella was on point with a few. My wife LOVES Ysl la nuit. What's with these ladies and that fragrance anyways??. Don't really care for it too much, but have to wear it for the wife, even have to spray the pillows before i leave for work. lol. My faves are GIT, Allure homme sport, bleu de chanel and once in awhile Prada amber. Would like to hear ur thoughts on those fragrances.

  10. Cutie!

  11. Had fun watching the video. Looks like you both had fun making the video as well.

    Cheers. . .

  12. Awesome video! Get her to feature in some more videos mate, shes got a great nose. I wonder what she thinks of niche.

  13. She is very good at it
    Better than you men haha.

  14. hooooooly shit.. see that reaction on Nuit de l'homme?? INSTANT pantydropper. I'm getting one even if I don't like it.

  15. she likes the cold climate fragrances it seems

  16. very nice video :)

  17. There is always something Fuck'd up with INVICTUS !!! it's sexy but … WTF ?

  18. the girl so attractive

  19. good job fragboy

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