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  1. Hahaha this two.my all time favorite reviewers more like brother and sister man u got one of the best woman in d world :-)

  2. "Holy balls!" 

  3. Ive heard about hat Bucky Badger juice…Jean Claude Elena did it for Tom Ford but it was too sexy and scandalous for the department stores

  4. you forgot to mention tim mcgraw southern blend … it lasted pretty well too

  5.  +MyMickers Hey Dan, what are your thoughts on Chanel Antaeus these days?

  6. I love this type of video. Crazy and funny. You and Amanda
    In the end no matter the winner. 

  7. This was seriously of the funniest videos I've ever seen! Awesome! thanks!

  8. Super lol at La Nuit de L'homme :D

  9. She is yummy :-)

  10. Mohammad Abu Saada

    The girl is just funny and yummy

  11. 23:32 – So I was listening on headphones and that fly freaked the shit out of me LOL.

  12. Thank you!!!

  13. Oh man you should be a tv show presenter! Fun stuff! From Argentina, great chanel mate!

  14. Awesome video! I'd be interested to see how/if the results would change if you sprayed all the fragrances on paper first, then did the comparisons one or two hours later, i.e. whether the drydowns elicit a different response than the opening notes. Happy sniffing!

  15. Yeah, I agree. Why ask for opinion but then you tell her what her opinion should be.

  16. Quit guiding her responses Asshole!!!! Still love you though

  17. Isn't this kind of a rigged election Dan? Btw. it's not very nice of you torturing Amanda's nose with that god awefull Kouros.

  18. I love Encre Noire!

  19. Kouros Yves Saint Laurent………. I will write that one down in case I ever meet a girl that likes the smell of a dirty urinal cake…… lol

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