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Best Creed Fragrance / Cologne Chosen by my Fiancée!

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Creed - Virgin Island Water Unisex Eau de Parfum - 30 ml

A sailing trip in the Caribbean Islands undertaken by Olivier and Erwin Creed provided the inspiration for this fragrance. Intoxicating tropical summer scents, sculpted in the Trade Winds, danced across the water, while on deck, father and son drew inspiration, both visual and olfactory, from the tropical palette before them. Virgin Island Water is a delicious cocktail that will whisk you away to the Caribbean where life is gentle and serene and fragrance rides the breeze.

Top notes: Sic

List Price: $ 190.00 Price: $ 150.92


  1. Hey Steven love the reviews man. Just a heads up man since Jen seems to like Acqua Fiorentina so much…. Fragrancenet has the 8.4 oz flacon for $222 right now o.O

  2. from what ive seen / read, Aventus is a huge one  for reacting very differently on peoples skin, form person to person it can vary so much.

  3. Creed has some great stuff but all niche lines always have the ones that can just be put to the side just like the rest of the underdogs

  4. Once again, you bring out the Royal English Leather and once again I am left wondering what's so godawful about it. She mentions she doesn't like it, but doesn't describe. I would have appreciated that. Loved your review of it but I want to know exactly WHAT is "wrong" with it.

  5. You guys rock bro good video and are you guys from long island?just asking

  6. First off I love love love your videos especially with your fiancé Jen. The longer your videis are, the more I enjoy them. I was wondeing if you guys could do a similar video like this for the women perfume but with yourself telling jen which one you love the best. Love you guys :)

  7. how can you spend $1500+ on fragrance bruh ?

  8. she is cute and honest i like her hey what about nautica voyage or i keep hearing this hye about dolca gabbana is it that gd or is it overrated?

  9. You two are too cute & you're so funny. I actually enjoyed watching the two of you. Your videos are growing on me!

  10. Anyone interested in a full 3 oz bottle of voyage d'hermes? I used it twice but I want to get me a creed frag so offers message me

  11. If she was prettier, had a better hairstyle, clothes, and not to be so irritatingly nasal,  I would consider her opinion, but so far the opinion of a beautiful, classy, soft spoken, sweetheart like this gentleman is what matters to me. Next horrible odd couple cologne reviews, I suggest, nasal spray and Coffee beans.

  12. What a lovely and decent couple. Enjoy life together n smell great always. Nice video…looking forward for other hauls from some other houses. Cheers !!

  13. How many do you have

  14. You should try being more neutral in your videos and have more of a poker face, so you dont affect her desicions

  15. Her scent pallet is soaked with all those colognes, coffee beans would have helped.

  16. when i smelled davidoff cool water for the first time i didnt like it (after ablind buy cuz it is recomended) but after wearing it iam in love.love love love it.i think wearing cologne is different than sampling it on the back of the hand or paper

  17. i watched the aventus section for 4 times and i cant stop laughing :)))

  18. Hi. I had tried Aventus on airport but I thought it was overrated. I didn't really like it. May be it could be that I did not have enough time to let it settle down. Anyway for someone who is buying their first Creed what would be your recommendation?

  19. Where was Creed Erolfa?

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