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Best 9 perfume commercials

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  1. There was a commercial during the 1990s for Christmas that had a moving truck shot during a Christmas party in which the camera met a beautiful lady who greeted you. I don't remember the fragrance and they did not keep that model for long thereafter. There was gypsy music playing in the background. It may have been for Estee Lauder.

  2. there was an ad i think was about perfume and it had a girl running through a dark forest and a guy shot a plunger at her and they fell in love. if anyone can find it ill be happy =D

  3. Invictus by paco rabanne ?

  4. 4:07 What?

  5. this list is crap lol

  6. Wrong order 8 Dior should be #1

  7. Sorry, I TOTALLY DISAGREE that these are the greatest fragrance ads of all time, whoever posted this has absolutely NO IDEA! !!!!

  8. Very Irresistible by Givenchy!

  9. keargckiegcfksgefak

  10. ‫لينا احمد‬‎
  11. egoiste isnt even on here wtf?

  12. Does someone know what motorcycle is the one in the Ewan Mcgregor's commercial You can see it in 02:25 

  13. Ewan's commercial is amazing I have neve seen it, I love it, looks like an indeendent film

  14. Best Perfume ads list must include EGOIST by Chanel, LE MALE et FEMALE Gaultier(2000), CHANEL Nº5 little red riding hood, COVET Sarah jessica Parker, PRADA CANDY Prada, NINA Nina Ricci, COCO by Chanel with Vanessa Paradis (1992),

  15. Where is Midnight Poison by Dior? The very best.

  16. You forgot the best perfume commercial of all time, Acqua di Gioia! beautiful music, cinematography, and tops this list!

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