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Beckham Signature Fragrance Review

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  1. I bought a bottle for a friend, got it today and smelled it.  I wouldn't wear it even if i got paid to, smells like all other sweet & fruity fragrances.  Nothing i haven't smelled before.

  2. theloyalone100 .

    Is the women's signature fragrance too feminine smelling for a man to wear? I ask because I noticed the women's is less expensive.

  3. My absolute favorite mens fragrance.

  4. Patrick Youngblood

    Thank you! glad you like!

  5. I like your reviews, short and to the point. Keep it up.

  6. i love signature for women. stays strong all day. it smells feminine, sexy, safisticated.

  7. Thanks for the video! Really helpful

  8. Patrick Youngblood

    @weakkitten It is light enough to where pretty much whenever you feel like it.

  9. What season do u wear Beckham signarture for men ?

  10. Patrick Youngblood

    Hope it works out well for you!

  11. I just picked this up. im going to try it on today

  12. Patrick Youngblood

    Yep. we had those flowers too in Pensacola. I never really liked how they smelled or looked. Intimately Beckham has the most longevity of his scents.
    Thanks for watching!

  13. We have those flowers in Florida, it's like a bunch of little flowers in a dome kinda and they're on a bush.. it has a distinctive scent.. kind of sour actually.. citrusy for sure.. smells more like a fruit than a flower. Personally I love Beckham's smells, but they all seem to have very poor longevity. I need something that lasts more than 10 minutes, but I hear Beckham Signature, is much different than the others. Also, I just subscribed to your channel, been watching recently, good stuff!

  14. Patrick Youngblood

    Intimately over Signature for me.

  15. Patrick Youngblood

    I would probably check The Bay maybe. Certainly it is sold somewhere there.

  16. ahh i got this for christmas but i don't wanna open it yet. i wanna smell it in person if i like it or not! do you know what department stores in canada carry this?

  17. Patrick Youngblood

    LOL Now that's funny! Good one!

  18. Patrick Youngblood

    Beckham only Beckham.

  19. Patrick Youngblood

    As you can tell my hair is pretty tame compared to what it looks like in my other videos. A little something different this time. My shirt is from H&M and the italian horn is from Juicy Couture. Glad you like!

  20. Patrick Youngblood

    The best one for me is Intimately followed by Signature then Instinct. They are all 3 very different so pick your poison!

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