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Beauty Nightmares! Solutions from my Pro Kit

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  1. Sofie Mesens (beautytester)

    wow, you look really amazing!

  2. I once had a cream bleach disaster. I'd put it on my legs and whilst it was developing, my housemate's cat came and rubbed herself ALL OVER my saturated legs! I spent about half an hour chasing her around the house with a damp cloth and a tin of tuna to lure her with… Luckily, the cat was fine, but very grumpy at having been out through such an ordeal :-/

  3. Avene is my favorite! :D

  4. Have you done a tutorial for this makeup job. Absolutely love it. It's so chic but minimalistic. Please do video. I'm your biggest fan ..

  5. Loved the make up you did for this video! Would you do a tutorial for that, please? Cheers :)))

  6. I began following you in the beginning- you have somehow managed to look younger! I WANT YOUR SKIN!

  7. Maria do Socorro Moraes Mota

    Eh Mulher que fala…

  8. Shelly Rhian Adeline

    Re: this works rollerball muscle tension relieving thing

    I bought this (after seeing this video) as I have fibromyalgia and ehlers danlos (so I get a great deal of muscular pain, joint pain, nerve pain, fatigue, etc)… It arrived this morning… I'm in a middle of a pain crash right now (I was in tears this morning), taking two different opiates… as soon as this arrived, I put it on, all over my neck, shoulders, back…

    For fibro/EDS, it's not a wonder drug… however… it does work. The pain changed over about twenty minutes, and felt as if uric acid was being released, the same way that massages release it. And the pain dropped down a few notches.

    I will certainly be using it again.

    Thank you Lisa for the recommendation.

  9. How about surprise redness on stage? That's a serious problem for me. Good foundation does not help everytime.

  10. Have you tried the Qtica Intensive Lip Repair Balm?  It's the best lip moisturizer I've ever found.

  11. She's so graceful and beautiful 

  12. Hey Lisa, can you please make an update version of this SOS Kit for us. Thank you! -Christina 

  13. cole sores ?

  14. I started using Elisabeth Arden 8h on lips because of you:) and it literary saved my lips lots of times. Because of some medication I use I have very dry skin, lips, eyes… So after exfoliating the lips I apply this cream and it really helps. 

  15. HAAAA Lisa! You made me do it again! I went crazy mesmerized over your beautiful nail polish and I scrambled all over the internet (where it was sold out everywhere!) until I finally found a seller on Amazon to ship it to me from the other side of the globe. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I put it on right away! I am so happy  *Shaking a beautifully manicured fist*

  16. Nice video. You didn't mention how to treat breakouts that come from nowhere ;)

  17. Your eyes are beautiful are they your natural ones or contacts really shine and bright x

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