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Beauty & Accessories Haul! ♡

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  1. I know what the hand means: its a moroccan SIGNE that brings luck (you deserve it) <3

  2. that so funny when u dropped it,ur face.it was so funny!

  3. That's called Hamsa, it's a charm for good luck.. we've got lots of them here in Israel 7:32.

  4. Is this your natural hair color?!?? Or have you died it?

  5. Breanne Peterson

    I love your hauls….

  6. That hand is a protection from the evil eye its called a "chamsa"

  7. The Bad Gal lash.
    i have a love hate realsonship with.

  8. the design in the necklace is Arabic and it called "Khomsa" it's like a protective from the evil eye

  9. 4everandeverme123

    ur voice sounds different in this video..haha(;

  10. oh you you pronounce it balen- chaga

  11. my mom own the full bottle of the pink Chloe one

  12. that perfume is pronounced LOW haha :) love your videos!

  13. I love your videos and you are SOO beautiful! (:

  14. MsMakeupaddict97

    the necklace is the hand of god at least thats what my family calls it

  15. luckyluckylavender

    My favorites have to be the rings!

  16. What's on your nails in the video? It's so nice! ! And btw I love you videos:)

  17. Smells amazing!

  18. Aw thank you!

  19. Yes agreed! One of my faves as well (:

  20. You deserve 10,000 you are amazing!!! 3

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