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Beaute Confessions: Top Fragrances Eau de Parfum 2/2 Dior, CHANEL, Lanvin, Hanae Mori

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Miss Anna Dior Womens Parfum Eau De Parfum 100ml/3.4oz (Our Version)

  • Eau de Parfum 100ml/3.4oz
  • Our impression of: Miss Dior
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  • Fragrance Made in China
It is an affordable and low cost fragrance for women.

Price: $ 12.99


  1. allure by Chanel is my favorite fall scent and has been for years. I too have gone through a few of these bottles. I'm glad to see others love it just as much. It's definitely underrated. People are missing out.

  2. i tried allure today and i can't stop sniffing my wrist! it's definitely a very womanly and alluring scent

  3. Oh, thank you for liking Chanel Allure, you like it so much you used up the whole bottle!  Allure is the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.  Allure me!!!


    I am considering Forever and Ever.

    LOL I dislike Chanel 5!

  5. Hypes the word you are looking for

  6. Love Hanae Mori

  7. I like Allure as well, but have you tried it in the Eau de Parfum concentration? I also adore Coco Mademoiselle, it smells so delicious and sophisticated. I also love your accent. <3

  8. TheFragrance Sampler

    Ooh I love Escale A Portofino! I have Rumeur too, and to me it smells extremely similar to Narciso Rodriguez for Her and Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. On my skin Rumeur is the sharpest of the three, however, it has the least staying power. Would you believe I wear Hanae Mori here in the PH? I'm surprised I haven't suffocated anyone, LOL!!!

  9. starbluewhitered

    I love Chance. I also love Chance eau tendre and Chance eau fraiche.

  10. Ugh…sorry for the misspell:( dang ipad…anyway Chance by Chanel i meant to say.

  11. Chance by Chanelmis a great one also…actually my favorite above Allure. It is a mist try:)

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