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Bathroom Tour and Organization (Part 1): What’s In My Bathroom

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  1. love your bathroom 👍
    do you know if Benefit maybe baby ,is similar to bathina confess your obsessed ???? 😊

  2. Razzputhin Racimo (Razzputput)

    Love your bathroom! Where do you buy the Deseo oatmeal Soap?

  3. Where have you bought that lumene product? Im just wondering because it is a finnish brand and I didnt know they sell it in any other places :)

  4. Alejandra Madrid

    Where do you get those baby colognes?

  5. OMG, my favorite color is purple so I am in love with your sink.

  6. You're bathroom is big

  7. They sell Roger and Gallet in GBS. Not sure what part of Miami you live in, but they have stores in Aventura, Coral Gables and Pine Crest. 

  8. Where do you buy your bioderma?(:

  9. your bathroom is huge!! and way more well organized than mine haha

  10. What is that plugged into the wall in the vanity area? Looks like an IPod. 😊 Love your bathroom! 

  11. love your bathroom

  12. I really appreciate that you list every item down :)

  13. Patricia Rodriguez

    I wish I had this much storage my bathroom has a big counter but not enough drawers. Love my baby colonias too my fav is Agustin Reyes I am sure you remember it. The color of your bathroom looks to be very soothing xoxox 

  14. You have amazing storage space in your bathroom. Love it!

  15. andrea parrish (andi)

    This reminds me of our Jack and Jill bathdoom my children and guests use! Well, mostly my kids ;)

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