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Bang by Marc Jacobs Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. say pepper one more time. lol

  2. Love your reviews mate. Short, to the point and sweet.

    I was going to get Versace's The Dreamer then I saw your review on in so I changed my mind and went for what you recommended. Lolita Lempicka au masculin. It's still in the mail.

    I have used Bang before and I must say though that I wasn't really expecting negative comments on this. lol!

  3. My sister got me a bottler for my birthday then my aunt got me another bottle a few months ago lol

  4. Most of the colognes I get are based off your reviews and what I get from this one makes me not wanna purchase this and I was about to get it cuz it looks like an awesome bottle that would just have a nice scent to it but thanks i don't think I'll get it now!!

  5. I just posted my take on Bang + Bang Bang and you mention all the same things that I did. "Pepper, pepper, pepper", the sneezing.. 😀 I hadn't seen your video! 😀 So Bang is truly easy to interpret.

  6. I cant believe you didnt find similarities to terre mixed with the beat.. but i prefer bang in some ways very versatile and sexy, not just pepper! i find some creamy-woody lovely undertune there..fresh & aromatic..

  7. reminds me of the winter season, very peppery <3

  8. AGentlemansJourney

    when I first sprayed it on my wrist (1 squirt) I literally coughed and agree that I do smell a ton of pepper. After the dry down however its not so bad. I don't know if I would ever buy it though.

  9. @MrKickAss223
    NO , but its safe to say your parents are for procreating you and your even more retarded for asking so.

  10. With this fragrance either you hate it or love it, At the store I liked the smell then when I brought it home spray once and regret it………. Then on a vacay trip took it along for another try and seemed to loved it more Idk. Different smell but it grew on me. Not to mention three solid sprays last all night or all day.

  11. I'm looking forward to your review on Bang Bang by MJ, it's been out in London for a few days, and smells completely different compared to Bang original. I like Bang-Bang, but have problems with the limited projection – I'm talking 2 hours, then fades to something very bland. Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

  12. This is an unfair review. It does have pepper in the opening notes but it dries down very beautifully to a woodsy and spice accord. It is not all about pepper; its complexity is in the blend of all the notes he mentions. This is a sophisticated evening fragrance.

  13. i got this today and i LOVE IT, i've smelled it for a WHILE cause i was really like hyped up- went to a bloomingdales and at first i was like…."oh… fuq… this is……" like, i was taken aback- put the bottle down- whatever. months go buy and i bought this you know today and i just find it to be so diffrent- at least for what i'm used to. it drys down sweeter and softer to me and to me it's like a lingering peper sweetie. ilove strong sents, so to me this comes off a little soft once dry

  14. Fucking love Bang… Very underrated.

  15. @cformosa4
    Sorry dude!

  16. @ramboram03 HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! haven't gotten that one yet! lmao. Justin Beiber looks more like a lesbian that i do.. i hope 😛

  17. ru a guy or a lesbian ? nice review!

  18. Horrible scent!

  19. This is going to be my winter scent next year once I get a job!!! I absolutely LOVE this scent! The pepper is really smooth on my skin, and everyone who smelled it on me seemed to really like it.

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