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Balenciaga Florabotanica – Behind The Scene

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  1. She was definitely perfect for the face of Balenciaga her eyes, skin color, and beauty makes her the IDEAL choice. She just has that color of Balenciaga I just can't explain it :)

  2. Today I went to the Balenciaga store in Rome because I wanted to smell the fragrance and OMG it smells amazing and the fact that Kristen is its muse makes me want it even more! I'll tell my mom to buy it me for Christmas :)

  3. Maria Lucia Dornas

    Great perfume!

  4. 0trash0the0planet

    I'll have a bottle of Nicholas Ghesquière with that please…!

  5. The perfume lasts a long time! It smells wonderful.

  6. She's so beautiful, and Nicolas and that sexy accent!!

  7. good job Kristen!!

  8. The flowers remind me of something beautiful & deadly from Terry Gilliam's version of 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas'.

  9. how can someone be that PERFECT <3

  10. Kristen is always beautiful, can't wait until I get my perfume!

  11. Carolina Ferreira

    she's so beautiful

  12. pretty !!

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