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Back to School Clothing Haul + Try-On | 2015

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  1. Summer waterworth

    You look so good it looks like you have lost loads of weight you go girl !!!! 

  2. Summer waterworth


  3. Is that kyo in the background ? 😱😱😱😱😱

  4. I think that your perfect such an inspiration. you should definitely do a tour everyone loves you❤️

  5. I love hauls

  6. Georgia McGivern

    You are so beautiful and quirky! Also love your makeup in this :)

  7. Hungover in high heels

    Anyone know the lip color>

  8. FINALLY someone who loves Brown as much as I do ! Yay !lol

  9. Child Nutrition Express

    I wish she would say her size !!!

  10. I absolutely love all of the clothes you've chosen! Everything is perfect for school time and winter! two thumbs up from me! 😄

  11. I will never get sick of your hauls! They are awesome I love them

  12. Damn girl!! That dress looks seriously AMAZING on you! Like it looks like a whole different dress on you. Seriously, awesome job!

  13. Your makeup yasssss

  14. I love the outfit you have on at 3:55 you look so plump, pretty and energetic. I love a big woman in a crop top. It makes me happy just to see them happy. Plus you look like you love life and that is a big plus for me.

  15. Amanda Laurenzano

    Holy shit your fucking eyebrows give me life

  16. I don't know why but your blue dress reminds me of dresses girls wear in anime.

  17. You're beautiful! I love your hair color! What do you call it? Dark ash blonde?

  18. Stephanie Alonso

    This may be a dumb question, but can you shop in store and still use ebates?

  19. I adore your hauls! not enough youtubers do hauls with outfits for curvy girls and I get so much inspiration from your hauls! 

  20. Vianney Mariscal

    I dont like how crop top fit me I'm plus size and my stomach is flat but I dont like the way they fit

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