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Baby Grape Beauty – Dolce & Gabbana ‘Dolce’ perfume review

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  1. thank YOU :)

  2. your videos are so calming and nice but I don't that people aren't following you so I will follow you  just because your awersome

  3. So glad you took the time to make this video and describe this perfume. I've finally ordered it after months, if not, years of searching for something I absolutely love, which usually is made with white flowers!!! I used to use an amazing, amazing perfume made by Gucci it was called Envy, and unfortunately it was discontinued-it my absolute go to perfume for years! I also like Calvin Klein Eternity because again, white flowers! But I can't wait till I get my Dolce :)

  4. Thank you for the review!  I've been thinking of wearing this for my upcoming wedding.  Love it!

  5. Wonderful review!

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